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Turning The Wheel Of Fashion

When I set foot into the world of fashion, the ambience was very different. The fashion industry in India was still in its nascent stages and designers explored a spectrum of styles as against merely following reigning trends. I, for one, was greatly enamored by the sheer grace and elegance of classic Indian textiles and motifs. I loved incorporating earthy colors, and never hesitated from experimenting with new permutations and combinations. In fact, these were the designs that eventually gave me a signature style or an identity that truly defined me.


To give an example, one of my most coveted creations – Shrishti – is made on these lines. It is an amalgamation of subtle colors, handcrafted embroidery, and classic design. While the saree, colored in traditional deep red, is adorned with a simple gold border, the blouse is made in exquisite black silk with embroidery as delicate as that of a flower. Made in the ethnic ‘Kolam’ design, it comes with a stylized back that is popularly called the ‘matka’ back. This design became so popular among my friends, clients, and fashionistas, that it became the face of my brand.

Inspired by this decorated and just as appreciated blouse, I adapted the design into an anarkali with an embellished yoke of intricate and carefully crafted handiwork. Also, I have revived more of my classic saree and blouse designs in the form of anarkalis as part of latest collection, only to highlight the eternity in their beauty.

I have always maintained that trends in the fashion industry only come and go. What stays eternal are the classics that have come down since several centuries and generations. Shrishti was conceptualized and designed in the early days of my career as a designer. 25 years down line, I find undiminished demand and appreciation for this style, which only reinforces my belief that style is not defined by trends and changing tastes. It is about wearing what defines you, so you can make a statement without having to utter even a word.