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Mulling Over MulMul

Every fabric has a story – from the moment of discovery, it’s journey and evolution make for a captivating narrative. More often than not, these fabrics are accidentally stumbled upon, only to change the way the world has known textiles and its many functionalities. The Muslin cloth is undoubtedly one such discovery.

While many believe that muslin comes from Mosul in Iraq, others suggest that the cloth came from Dhakeshwari, now Dhaka – the capital city of Bangladesh. It is said that Sulaiman, an Arab merchant of the 9th century, documented the textile’s origin to be Bengal, from where it went on to create waves across the world. During the 17th and 18th centuries, muslin redefined quality textiles across Europe, something the British were not very happy about. They attempted to curtail its growth by manipulating knowledge and methodologies, but their efforts went in vain. Despite a lull that is believed to have last about as long as two centuries, the fabric rose in popularity for its sheer quality and beauty; and there has been no looking back since.

Muslin is a term implying cotton fabric of plain weave. It is characterized by its minimalistic weight, typically being less than 68 gms/sqm. Today, it comes in varied forms, popular among which is the mulmul fabric. Light, easy to maintain, and especially comfortable, the mulmul cloth is recommended for almost any occasion and season. But what makes it a designer’s dream? Who better to answer this than Latha Puttanna herself?

“Flexible, versatile, and fashionable are a few words that aptly describe this textile. I love working with mulmul because I can create everything from dresses to skirts, trendy tops to stylish kurtas, without a second thought about its final look and appeal. It’s ideal for the summers, its unmatched in comfort, and it’s simply a delight to the eyes. What more can one ask for?”

Few fabrics come close to the splendid beauty mulmul offers. Latha has spun magic yet again with this unassuming, yet sterling fabric; and we are proud to present the all-new summer spring collection of 2017. Get ready to experience a new wave of freshness in color, design, and style. It’s your time to shine.

Join us at Rain Tree, Bangalore on 10th-11th March 2017 and at Leela Palace, Bangalore on 8th April to rekindle your love for the classics.