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The Boutique


In the late 1800s, a quaint, tree-lined neighborhood in the suburbs of Bengaluru city, called Siddapura, houses at its heart, Srishti Manne, a house bustling with activity. Built by Mr.Kempe Gowda, the Village President or fondly called ‘The Patel’.

In the midst of all his vineyards, it becomes the center of the village where all matters of governance, social welfare and culture are laid out for discussion. In it’s over 140 years of history, it has seen 6 generation of Puttanna’s pass through its doors.


This heritage house made of stone with an open courtyard, ornate pillar brackets, low arched entrances and wooden doors and rafters is home to Latha Puttanna through her husband’s patrilineage.

With its Deccan sensibilities, SrishtiManne voiced Latha’s art and the home’s restoration in 2010 was an extension of her artwork.


Since 2013, Srishti has been serving as Latha’s workshop and boutique. The central courtyard and surrounding rooms function as a reception area, office, and boutique, while the rooms at the back of the home, including the kitchen, have been converted into a workshop.

Srishti Manne and Latha’s collections are an extension of her label’s ongoing project to redefine Deccan heritage.