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Our Love Affair with Magga

There’s something magical about handmade fabrics that mass-produced items just cannot replicate! This is especially true of traditional attires. Comparing the trousseaus of our grandmothers’ era to today, there’s undoubtedly a noticable difference in what we drape on ourselves. And we believe that the difference is handloom weaving, an art that’s quintessentially Kannadiga since the ancient times. The handloom aka ‘Magga’ has been so ingrained in our way of life in the past few centuries, it has even been mentioned in the literary works of legendary poets and authors.

But as they say, change is the only constant. It’s not surprising that our relationship with the ‘Magga’ has seen its ups and downs. While the trade of weaving by hand flourished under ruling monarchs across the country, this artform took a major hit with the advent of colonization. Under the British occupation, handloom weaving became more and more uncommon. However, the great news is that since our independence, the form of weaving with handlooms has been growing steadily. In fact today, the handloom industry is one of the largest cottage industries of the state and even contributes massively to employment and revenue!

At Latha Puttanna, we’re proud to play a part in this movement by dedicating our Autumn-Winter collection to this rare and almost-lost artform. Fittingly named ‘Magga’, our collection captures the magic of handloom fabrics and gives them a contemporary twist. So while the fabric is reminiscent of our past, the design is peppered with touches of modernity. The collection is inclusive of sarees, lehengas, kurtas, salwar sets, and more.

‘Magga’ is our sincere attempt to preserve our heritage by reviving the tradition of making handloom fabrics, and also popularizing it among our fashion-savvy patrons.